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Gliding & Sliding Windows

Maximize the light in your home with Gliding & Sliding Windows!

Get Your Gliding & Sliding Window Installation

To brighten up your home or business, consider having a windows contractor in Cedar Falls and Waterloo, IA install gliding windows. What's unique about this particular type of window besides its energy performance is that it lets in as much light as possible.

To schedule an appointment to get your motorized awning, either call us at 319-277-3441 or fill out a form.

Perfect Windows for Horizontal Spaces

Sliding windows, also known as gliders, work like double hung windows except the sashes move to the right and left instead of up and down. Sliding windows could have numerous operating sashes. The functioning sashes on sliding windows can either tilt in, swing in, or be removed for easy cleaning.

Sliding windows provide huge unobstructed views, plenty of ventilation and are perfect for big horizontal spaces. And because sliding windows do not open out past the plane of the wall, they are excellent for high traffic areas like decks, patios or areas where the landscaping additions may be located close to the house.

Table by the Window

Love Your Windows Again

Benefits of Gliding Windows

Consider a few advantages of gliding and sliding windows:​

  • More natural light thanks to the optimized area of glass

  • Low cost of maintenance

  • Optimum energy performance

*Frame designs and colors available in a variety of options

Window Styles We Offer

Bay & Bow

Tall windows arranged in a row that gently curves towards the exterior of the house.


A window with a vertical sliding sash; a very traditional look.


A single large window with a view of your property.


This window is set into a frame. The frame may hinge open or be fixed.


Gliding & Sliding

Quiet and easy to use, these windows open quickly and close securely.


Create your dream home.
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