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Side Shade

The Shadeside

Retractable Sun & Privacy Shade

The Shadeside is a retractable system that provides shade and privacy for your outdoor area. Because it is retractable, it provides a home owner total control of its space through the convenience of rolling it up or extending it out. The Shadeside can be added to complement a Sunesta patio awning or it can be used by itself. The Shadeside offers a choice of hundreds of fabrics ranging from acrylic fabric to match an awning or decorative solar screen fabric that can allow flow-through of wind and light. Like all Sunesta shade systems, the Shadeside is custom made to fit your needs.

The Sunplus

Retractable Shelter with Rain Gutters

The versatile retracable system offers basic sun protection up to complete rain and inclement weather protection. Systems can be standalone or mounted atop an existing structure such as a pergola, skylight or sunroom. With single unit projection widths up to 16 by 23 feet and the ability to join multiple units, the coverage is only limited to your space. The Sunplus offers a choice of hundreds of fabrics ranging from acrylic to decorative solar screen and waterproof fabrics. Like all Sunesta retractable systems, Sunplus is custom made to fit your needs.

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Retractable Patio Awnings

The Sunstyle, The Sunseta, and The Sunlight retractable patio awnings.

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Retractable Screens

The Sentry and The Sunroll retractable captured edge screens.

Window & Door Awnings

The Sunbrero and The Sundrop retractable window and door awnings.

Side Shade

The Shadeside and The Sunplus retractable sun and privacy shade shelters with rain gutters.


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