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Add More Livable Space With Less Money – Garage Makeover Ideas

Updated: Feb 29

I bet you have never thought about giving your garage door a makeover. The garage is usually one of the larger enclosed spaces in your home with the primary purpose to be to park your car or to store a bunch of stuff you probably don’t really need.

Well, maybe it’s time for garage makeover. The best part about this particular room is that it brings outdoor living indoors. Let Specialty Home Solutions help you take that extra space and turn it into an on-demand living space by adding a garage door screen to your existing the garage door!

Lifestyle Garage Door Screens transform your garage into a cool, airy space that can function as a multitude of other possibilities without compromising privacy and security of your garage door. Now is the perfect time of year to turn your garage into a modern, updated living space with endless opportunities. (Be sure to check out the Top 10 “Real” Reasons People Buy Garage Door Screens below.)

Ideas to use your new Lifestyle Garage Door Screen:

  • Party Room

  • Home Gym

  • The Perfect Man Cave

  • Crafting Room

  • Auto Repair Shop

  • TV/Movie Room

  • Comfortable Pet Zone

  • Hang Out Room for the Teens

  • Smoking Area

  • Woodworking Shop

  • Home Office

  • Endless Ideas to fit your desire of a whole different living area other than just a garage.

Specialty Home Solutions is the authorized dealer and installer for Lifestyle Screens, a patented company in making garage door screen systems. These garage door screen systems are designed to provide natural ventilation and natural light in your garage; creating an outdoor covered space in your home.

A Lifestyle garage door screen is fully retractable and operates entirely within the garage-chamber with secondary tracks independent of the garage door. It’s easy to exchange positions with the permanent garage door when you want to enjoy fresh air and sunlight and be protected from blowing leaves and debris. Insects, bugs, pests and other pesky critters are kept on the outside the garage door screen.

Key Garage Door Screen Benefits:

  • Allows light & breeze

  • Keeps pesky insects, leaves, etc. out

  • Mounts inside existing door permanent

  • No interference with operation of garage door

  • Entry & exit through retractable center door

  • No wiring or remotes need

  • Creates additional bug-free living space

These Screens are built to last with easy to use features such as being able to lower or raise by hand, without any wires or remotes and consume no electricity. The optional door-within-a-door feature allows for passage in and out of the garage without having to raise the entire screen. The privacy screen option provides limited visibility into the garage during the day.

Top 10 “Real” Reasons People Buy Garage Door Screens

  1. Not everyone looks good in their underwear.

  2. Your neighbors will not be able to see all of their tools lining your garage walls.

  3. You can talk about your neighbors out loud without them being able to see the source.

  4. Pest-free environment while in the doghouse.

  5. Because no other neighbor has one yet.

  6. Allows you to study the bugs trapped outside trying to get into ‘the new world’.

  7. Prevents neighbors leaves and garbage from blowing into your garage.

  8. Keeps nosey neighbors from witnessing you practicing your dancing abilities.

  9. Give you a place to send grandpa to smoke his cigars.

  10. Adds a barrier between you and the neighborhoods curious kids.

Examples of Lifestyle Garage Door Screens:

But Seriously, check out the Lifestyle Garage Door Screen details and options below.

Lifestyle Garage Door Screen Features

  • Frames made of 2”x2” architectural grade aluminum

  • Available in white, brown or sandstone frame color

  • Fits virtually any garage door size up to 18’w x 10’h

  • Spring loaded counterbalance system for effortless use

  • Optional 34” retractable door in center for easy access

  • Standard fiberglass screen or Privacy/SuperScreen* (see below)

  • Weather-sealed around entire perimeter

  • Uses vertical and horizontal track system

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

*Privacy/SuperScreen Option

  • Additional Insect & Pest Protection w/17×20 weave

  • Acts as pet screen – 3x stronger than fiberglass

  • Privacy with One-Way Visibility w/ White SuperScreen

  • Blocks heat WITHOUT blocking the breeze

  • Extended Durability & Protection

  • Excellent Solar Protection – blocks 80% of UV rays

  • Available in White or Black

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