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Retractable Awnings in Des Moines, IA

Providing retractable awnings throughout Des Moines, IA and the surrounding area!

Transform Your Space With a Retractable Awning in Des Moines!

Welcome to Seamless Exterior, where we help you create the perfect outdoor retreat in Des Moines, IA! Our retractable awnings offer a beautiful and functional solution to extend your living space and enjoy the fresh air in comfort.


Explore the benefits, maintenance tips, and creative ideas tailored for Des Moines residents who seek quick and impactful enhancements to their homes. 

To get a free estimate or schedule your awning installation, call 319-208-2487 or contact us online today!

Why Your Home Needs an Awning!

Don't miss out on the incredible benefits of our retractable awnings in Des Moines! At Seamless Exterior, we're here to elevate your outdoor living experience. Beat the heat and enhance your home with these immediate advantages:

  • Instant Comfort: Get immediate relief from the scorching Des Moines sun or create a cozy retreat for chilly days. Our retractable awnings provide instant, year-round comfort.

  • Energy Savings: Act now to slash your energy bills! Retractable awnings offer quick and effective solutions to reduce cooling costs in summer and heat loss in winter.

  • Boost Curb Appeal: Urgently boost your home's aesthetics! Choose from our array of colors and designs to instantly elevate your Des Moines residence's curb appeal.

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Seasonal Maintenance for Awnings


Time is of the essence when it comes to preserving your retractable awnings. With proper care, you ensure your awnings endure the diverse weather conditions Iowa will throw at you.

Regularly cleaning your awnings to remove debris and inspect for wear will pay dividends. Don’t let materials that could scratch or stain your awning build up. Quick actions now prevent potential issues and extend their lifespan.


Spring Maintenance

Extend your awnings after winter storage and give them a thorough cleaning with mild soap and water. Check for any winter-related damage like tears or loose fabric.


Spring showers may bring beautiful blooms, but they also bring pesky pollen. Regularly brush off your awning to prevent build-up that can stain the fabric.


Summer Maintenance

Warm summer air also means summer storms. Avoid leaving your awning extended during heavy storms or strong winds.


As summer progresses, give your awning a monthly cleaning to remove dirt, dust, and bird droppings. Remember to let it dry completely before retracting.


Autumn Maintenance

Fall foliage friend: Embrace the autumnal colors while protecting your awning from falling leaves. Use a soft broom or brush to remove debris regularly.


Before the first frost, retract your awning and inspect for any damage. Clean it thoroughly and store it in a dry, covered location until spring.


Winter Maintenance

Snowy slumber: Keep your awning retracted during heavy snowfall to prevent damage from snow accumulation. As winter loosens its grip, check your stored awning for any issues before extending it once again.


By following these simple seasonal tips, you can ensure your retractable awning stays beautiful and functional for years to come. Remember, a little preventive care goes a long way in protecting your investment and maximizing your outdoor enjoyment!

Awning Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Living Space in Des Moines, IA


Seamless Exterior is excited to help you unleash the potential of your Des Moines outdoor space with retractable awnings! Beyond the sun protection and energy savings, these versatile additions open up a world of design possibilities. Let's explore some creative awning ideas tailored to your Des Moines home.


Awnings for Your Patio

  • Extend your living room: Create a seamless flow from your indoor space to the outdoors with a large awning covering your patio. Add comfortable seating, string lights, and greenery for a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

  • Retractable awning over a patio with outdoor furniture and string lights

  • Dine under the stars: Imagine enjoying al fresco meals on a warm summer night, protected from the sun and pesky insects. A retractable awning over your dining area makes it possible, extending your outdoor dining season.

  • Poolside paradise: Transform your pool area into a luxurious retreat with an awning providing shade and a cool escape from the midday sun. Add lounge chairs, pool floats, and a portable bar for ultimate relaxation.


Window Awnings

  • Curb appeal boost: Add architectural charm and character to your Des Moines home with stylish window awnings. Play with colors and patterns to complement your home's exterior and create a cohesive look.

  • Sun protection and privacy: Keep the sun's glare at bay while maintaining a view with strategically placed window awnings. They also offer an extra layer of privacy for your indoor spaces.

  • Temperature control: Window awnings can help regulate the temperature inside your home by blocking direct sunlight and heat gain. This can reduce your reliance on air conditioning in the summer months.


Deck Awning Ideas

  • Sun-kissed mornings and shaded afternoons: Enjoy the best of both worlds with an awning over your deck. You can control the amount of sunlight throughout the day, creating a perfect spot for breakfast, reading, or afternoon barbecues.

  • Game zone and entertainment hub: Turn your deck into a fun and functional space with an awning providing shade for game nights, movie screenings, or even outdoor yoga sessions.

  • Multi-level haven: If your deck has multiple levels, consider using awnings on different sections to create distinct areas for lounging, dining, or enjoying a hot tub under the stars.


When choosing awning sizes and styles, consider the size of your space, sun exposure, and desired function.Think about the overall design of your home and choose awning colors and patterns that complement your existing aesthetics.

Seamless Exterior offers a wide variety of retractable awning options, including manual and motorized operation, different fabric colors and patterns, and even integrated lighting for added ambiance.

Why Choose Seamless Exterior


Act urgently and choose Seamless Exterior for immediate transformation! Benefit now from:

  • Local Expertise: We urgently understand Des Moines residents' unique needs and styles.

  • Prompt Professional Installation: Our skilled team guarantees seamless installation tailored to your home's urgent features.

  • Quality Craftsmanship: Urgently sourced high-quality materials for durable and aesthetically pleasing retractable awnings.

  • Additional Services. Our home experts can handle awning and pergola installation as well as most home exterior projects.

Local Attractions in Des Moines


Need a break from home? Immerse yourself in Des Moines' vibrant culture. When you’re not enjoying spending time under your awning, we suggest you explore attractions like the Des Moines Art Center, Blank Park Zoo, and the picturesque Gray's Lake Park.

Nearby Cities Serviced


Seamless Exterior urgently serves Des Moines and nearby areas, including West Des Moines, Urbandale, Clive, and Waukee.


Get Your Retractable Awning in Des Moines Today!

Time is of the essence—don't wait! Schedule your retractable awnings installation with Seamless Exterior urgently. Experience the urgent blend of functionality and style tailored to the unique charm of Des Moines. Contact us immediately to bring your outdoor vision to life!

Ready to get started? To get a free estimate or schedule your awning installation, call 319-208-2487 or contact us online today!

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